A new indoor farm is just about to release its first 600 m2 of growing area for plants. On the two-level racks, seedlings with high CBD potency will be cultivated in the south of Switzerland. Apart from full spectrum LED lighting, Plantalux will deliver them a new climate computer that has been developed together with its software business partner.

We have found synergy between our partner’s impressive IT skills with a strong focus on user experience and reliability of the product together with our focus on hardware and growing experience of cannabis.

The computer will take care of all climate parameters (ambient and leaf temperature, relative humidity, VPD, light intensity, photoperiod, CO2 concentration) as well as root zone (EC, pH, moisture content).

There are computers for big-scale growing known from greenhouses as well as hand devices to control cultivation on a smaller scale. We address our solution mainly to mid-scale indoor farms with a strong aim for cannabis. As we have been growing by ourselves for a few years now, we found ourselves in a trap when moving from a small scale to a bigger one. To find a golden middle, we decided to start from scratch and create our own device.

It is well known that light is one of the most important factors in a plant’s life. Nevertheless, without taking care of other environmental factors, plants will not thrive and achieve their full potential. That is why a holistic approach is needed – analyzing data can improve both yield and quality. Increasing the production can be achieved not only by using more resources but by avoiding mistakes, and data is here to help.