Hortica has been testing horticulture LED lamps provided by their manufacturers from North America, Asia nad Europe to grow cannabis indoors. All lamps have been tested for two full growth cycles. Based on quality, yield and price of a lamp Hortica decided to start close cooperation with Plantalux.

Dr Yaron Penn, Co-CEO, Hortica, Israel

Aguas Uruguay LTDA has been working with horticulture LED lamps provided by Plantalux since 2019 in realized turn key projects in South America. Plantalux has already prepared lighting projects and then delivered lamps for several cannabis growing greenhouses in Uruguay. Both Aguas Uruguay LTDA and final customers are happy with quality and service provided by Plantalux.

Eduardo Barlocco, CEO, Aguas Uruguay LTDA, Uruguay

The Outlaw Seeds has been working with horticulture LED lamps provided by Plantalux since 2018. During this time several models and light spectra have been tested which resulted in great cannabis yield in terms of quality and quantity. Having long experience with many types of lighting inter alia CMH, HPS and LED we can confirm that lamps manufactured by Plantalux are of high quality and potential.

The Outlaw Seeds, Spain

Plantalux team supplied our indoor farm with LED lighting for the cultivation of medical cannabis in GACP standard, helped in the selection of other cultivation equipment and supported us at every stage of the investment.

Slavica Koteva, Manager, Lajting Luks DOO

Euro Vestek Kompani has been working with Plantalux team since 2020. For the first project Plantalux delivered LED lamps for greenhouse cultivating medical cannabis in North Macedonia. Total greenhouse complex comprises of 10 000 m2. We are happy with quality and service provided by Plantalux.

Ljubomir Maksimovič, Euro Vestek Kompani, North Macedonia

We recommend Plantalux as a professional manufacturer of LED lighting for greenhouse crops. We have been using Plantalux LED lamps for hydroponic lettuce cultivation since December 2017. In November 2018 company delivered LED lamps to illuminate tomato seedlings. We are satisfied with the results we obtain thanks to the new lighting and lower electricity bills.

Gabriela Starek, owner, Produkcja Ogrodnicza Cuple, Poland

Photometric measurements proved that Plantalux LED lamps have much higher emission of waves necessary in the plants photosynthesis process compared to HPS and other LED lamps.

Hodowla Roślin Strzelce Sp. z o.o. (Grupa IHAR), Poland

Agricultural and Horticultural Farm “Produkcja Rozsady” would like to express satisfaction with the long-term cooperation with Plantalux in the field of providing LED lighting to illuminate the seedlings of leek, celery and cucumber.

Wiesław Dobiecki, owner, Gospodarstwo Rolno-Ogrodnicze Produkcja Rozsad, Poland


We know light inside out


We have our own photometric laboratory equipped with inter alia goniometer, integrating sphere, overload chamber or spectrophotometers, thanks to which we have full control over the designed light spectrum and the whole LED lamp. In our indoor research and development center with strictly controlled environment conditions, we can conduct tests on various types of crops.


Cut down on your electricity bills


The main cost in greenhouse and indoor cultivation is electricity. LED lighting has many advantages compared to traditional light sources such as HPS, CMH or LFL. One of the most important of them are energy efficiency and energy efficiency, where LED lighting remains unrivaled.

Working time

Extremely long lifespan

Working time

Compared to traditional light sources such as HPS, CMH or LFL, LED lighting is unmatched in terms of durability. Maintaining high parameters of LED lighting is possible thanks to effective heat dissipation through specially designed heat sinks made of extruded aluminum.


Play with lighting


In our LED lamps, we use only the highest quality components and materials. That is why we equip them with drivers manufactuerd by Inventronics. Thanks to this, each lamp can be controlled using the built-in PWM or analog 0-10V signal. Together with our control system, this opens up even more possibilities.

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