Horticulture LED SMD lamp Plantalux XX640W

  • lamp dimensions: 1015/ 1000/ 45 mm

  • power consumption: 640W

  • Power Factor: 0,98

  • Dimmable Inventronics driver (PWM or 0-10V analog)

  • ingress protection: IP66

  • lamp equipped with LED light source made in SMD technology

  • light source lifespan up to 80 000 hours

  • beam angle: 120°

  • lamp equipped with diffuse glass for improved light distribution and uniformity

  • case made of anodized aluminum

  • passive heat dissipation

  • warranty: basic 3 years, extended 5 years

Chosen realizations

Swiss indoor farm with XX640 installed

June 5th, 2023|

A new indoor farm is just about to release its first 600 m2 of growing area for plants. On the two-level racks, seedlings with high CBD potency will be cultivated in the south of Switzerland. [...]

Indoor farm in North Macedonia

August 16th, 2022|

The first phase of a recently built indoor medical cannabis farm in North Macedonia is just about to begin its first growing cycle. The entire facility has been adapted to the requirements of [...]

1400 LED lamps in Swiss cannabis indoor farm

September 15th, 2021|

After successfully completed projects in indoors and greenhouses growing cannabis in North Macedonia, Uruguay, and Israel, Plantalux expands its services in Switzerland. Increasing worldwide demand for high quality cannabis flowers has been [...]

Craft indoor cannabis cultivation

August 31st, 2021|

Step by step, cycle by cycle, room by room. This is the way another happy user of Plantalux horticulture LED lighting chose to start growing cannabis in its indoor farm. Thanks to [...]

Cannabisland chooses Plantalux LED lamps

June 18th, 2021|

Warmia-Masuria is often called the green lungs of Poland due to plenty of lush forests and grasslands. In the center of such picturesque surrounding there is a company named Cannabisland. Despite that in its [...]

Plantalux LED SMD XX640W lamps are widely used by growers in cannabis & hemp indoor farms in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, North Macedonia, Uruguay and recently in US.

Available light spectra

Plantalux Full Spectrum – LED SMD module of very broad spectrum including additional 10% of far red. Created to fulfill balanced growth and at the same time being pleasant for human eyes. Useful especially in cultivation with limited access to natural light or its complete absence like in vertical and indoor farms.

Range [nm] 400 – 700
700 – 800
(far red)
600 – 700
500 – 600
400 – 500
380 – 400
Percentage 90% 10% 38% 38% 14% 0%

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