Few weeks ago we visited indoor vertical farm growing cannabis on two levels racks. Recently we decided to step by once again to check how plants perform during their last weeks of flowering. You can clearly see effects above on short video.

Due to height of racks plants have to be kept short and compact to fit space on the shelves. Right  cultivation methods lead to good results in terms of both quality and quantity and at the same time to maximization of growing space. What is more, proper cultivation of plants in indoor farms allows to harvest 4 or even 5 times a year, which is impossible to achieve in standard field crops. A controlled environment allows you to develop an optimal climate regardless of external conditions, making it easy to plan cannabis production or harvest. Moreover, by focusing on the same varieties in subsequent growth cycles, grower can be sure of consistently high quality flowers.

Take a look how plants used to look like just few weeks ago: Hemp in vertical indoor farm