GlobalConnect@SBF, an initiative of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), together with the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce (CEEC) co-organised the webinar entitled “Applied Technology in Food Processing and Manufacturing” on 9th November to highlight the business models for applying innovative solutions within the food processing and manufacturing sphere.

The webinar provided an overview of the latest IoT adoptions and related technologies in the food processing and manufacturing industry. Given Europe’s current strengths in technologically driven market, it presents opportunities and efficiencies to agriculture starting with the supply chain. New technologies disrupting across the broad food processing, manufacturing, agricultural sector – Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain systems related to food traceability, are some of the emerging digital technologies that are expected to bring transformative changes in the food and agriculture systems.

List of participants



  • Mr Aleksander Czechowski, Business Development Manager, Polish Investment & Trade Agency Branch Offic
  • Mr Mariusz Klementowski, CEO, AmerPharma. Founder, Smartfoodies
  • Mr Rafal Lachowski, Co-founder, Board Member and Business Development Manager, Plantalux


  • Mr Péter Zalán NAGY, Member of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture; President of the Hungarian National Game Management Association


  • Ms Eng Cornelia Muraru, Coordinator of the Technological and Business Incubator INMA-ITA, cluster manager of IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole
  • Mr Mircea Oaida, CEO, Frontier Connect
  • Dr Eng Ec George Suciu, Director R&D and Innovation, BEIA Consult International SRL – BEIA