Park Hotel & SPA (Skopje, North Macedonia) will gather cannabis representatives on 18th March at Cannabis Meeting Skopje. During the event companies from Netherlands, North Macedonia, Greece and Poland will share their knowledge and insights they gathered over the years spent on research and projects.

Our goal is to promote good practices in cannabis industry that will lead to increased awareness of proper growing methodologies, environment influence on final quality and yield and most recent advancements in cultivation. Due to that we decided to gather companies experienced in growing and providing equipment and services, growers, investors and all interested in the cannabis industry.

We are more than sure that participation in the Cannabis Meeting Skopje will be great chance to familiarize with new research and data, meet new potential partners and exchange experience and share insights.

We decided to organize the meeting in Skopje as Macedonian cannabis market was one of the first to provide opportunity to start growing cannabis for medical purposes in 2016. During those 8 years it focused attention of many countries not only in Europe which followed amendments of their legislation.


Park Hotel & SPA
1732 street no.4,
Skopje 1000,
North Macedonia

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18th March 2022, 18:30

Royal Brinkman (Netherlands)

Royal Brinkman is a worldwide horticultural supplier, installer and consultant with specialized knowledge of professional horticulture. It was granted the predicate ‘Royal’ in 1985, when the company celebrated its 100th year anniversary. Founded in 1885, Royal Brinkman has been active in the horticultural industry for more than 135 years. At that time, Mr. C. Brinkman started the business in ‘s-Gravenzande selling items such as ‘Spirituous’, which is a type of rope used for crates and tarpaulins on Westland barges, but also for bundling asparagus. Since then, Royal Brinkman has become one of the largest and most renowned suppliers for the horticultural industry in the world. Let’s improve together!

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Clean Spot (North Macedonia)

CleanSPOT Humidifiers are the EU’s leading independent humidity control specialist, with a wide range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers and disinfection devices, from some of the world’s most well-known brands. Our sales and aftersales engineers are highly experienced and knowledgeable and can design a bespoke solution for each unique application, as well as supply, install, and maintain the equipment throughout its life cycle. As a result, this end-to-end solution provides unbiased advice, streamlines the process, and assists customers in protecting their most valuable assets: people, equipment, or both.

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Thermometal (Greece)

Thermometal had a clear vision since its establishment in 1981. That was to design and manufacture modern greenhouse buildings. Our belief is that by providing innovative technology, we can carry out cutting-edge agricultural projects. Through the years we have invested in new technologies and quality training for our teams of experts. As a result, we have gained the trust and the respect of the agrifood market, rising us to one of the top leading companies. Our many decades of experience from step one to final project, allows us to successfully manage your ideas.

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Plantalux (Poland)

We established Plantalux as a family owned business in 2016 but our roots in lighting industry reach far deeper to 2011. Since the very beginning we have been focused on horticulture industry especially enhancing plant growth in controlled environment both in greenhouse and indoor farming. Since 2016 we have delivered our products to many growers in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America. At Plantalux we want to contribute to constantly changing word by providing solutions for improving plant cultivation and at the same time decreasing needed resources.

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