Another video from another satisfied greenhouse owner. This time main roles is played by red roses  Plantalux LED COB EX 300W horticulture lamp with Strong Red spectrum. Lamps were used to cultivate red roses from November 2018 to March 2019. We replaced HPS 750W with our 300W LED COB lamps which resulted in 60% lower lighting bills. What is more, greenhouse owner underlined that stems were 80% thicker than under HPS. Take a look at video and spectrum used to gain such effect.

Plantalux Strong Red – LED COB of significantly high total red to blue ratio (87:13). What is worth mentioning is very high far red percentage that equals 20% of the entire spectrum. Such composition of wavelengths lets achieve satisfactory effects especially in terms of cultivation of vegetables, fruits and blooming flowers.

Range [nm] 400 – 700
700 – 800
(far red)
600 – 700
500 – 600
400 – 500
380 – 400
Share 80% 20% 65% 3% 12% 0%