XXVIII International Scientific Conference “Problems of sustainable agriculture, protection of rural areas, water resources and the environment” organized by Institute of Technology and Life Sciences National Research Institute under patronage of the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development took place on 21st – 22nd September.

Rafał Lachowski, co-founder of Plantalux, took a part as a panelist of  Agricultural Innovations – Cannabis sector, led by Dr Kamila Mazur (ITP-PIB).

  • Ewelina Nowak, Jolanta Różycka, Polish Association of Hemp Producers and Processors. Hemp as a renewable energy source and soil remediation through phytoremediation
  • Marek Hryniewicz, Mariusz Nazaruk*, Institute of Technology and Life Sciences National Research Institute, Warsaw, *Cannabotanique. Cultivation of hemp at ITP-PIB – field experience and directions of development
  • Mike Sikorski, TRUSTT. Control, audit and optimisation of pharmaceutical and quality processes in medical cannabis cultivation using latest tracing technologies
  • Rafał Lachowski, Plantalux. The use of LED lighting in the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes on indoor farms


  • University of Life Sciences
  • Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, ZUT in Szczecin
  • University of Agribusiness in Łomża
  • Department of Production Engineering, Logistics and Applied Computer Science – University of Agriculture, Krakow