We are proud to announce that this year we have started cooperation with Department of Ornamental Plants of Warsaw University of Life Science. According to this we conduct various researches on bedding plants to assess the influence of supplemental lighting on plant blooming time, growth and habit. Researches are performed under supervision of Agata Jędrzejuk.

The object of our tests is petunia hybrid with overhanging shoots. The one you see on video above is Dar Red variety of intensely red coloured flowers. Four different light spectrum have been used:

  1. white light;
  2. 50% white and 50% red light;
  3. 50% white and 50% blue light;
  4. 33% white, 33% blue and 33% red light.

We got the best results with light spectrum comprised of 50% white and 50% red light. Plants cultivated under such supplemental lighting were the first to bloom, have quite big flowers and are not to elongated. Also they have quite wide diameter thus they are well developed.