Hortica is an Israeli innovative company devoted to bringing IoT based precision agriculture solutions to ultra-controlled environment cultivation. The company was registered in July 2019 but its roots go 15 years back. Dr. Yaron Penn, Founder, and Co-CEO, together with Tzvika Klepar, seed investor and Co-CEO, have profound experience in the medical cannabis industry.

Hortica (Israel) has been testing horticulture LED lighting from different manufacturers for some time now. Predominant emphasis was placed on cannabis, especially grown in aeroponics. After qualitative and quantitative evaluation, the company decided to partner up with Plantalux. Cannabis grown under its lamps produced great number of high-quality flowers. Just recently Plantalux delivered another batch of lamps to Israel and companies plan to expand to other markets by the end of this year. The decision was based on yield from the last cycle which reached 1.5 kg/m2 of growing area.