Over 100 horticulturists attended conference “Horticulture market development: trends, new technologies and research data” organized by Krzysztof Nosal, a head of Kalisz county.

The conference took place last 13th March in hotel Kristoff in Łaszków. All guests were warmly greeted by Krzysztof Nosal, a head on Kalisz county. Next, Stanisław Zabarski encouraged all gathered to join XX Gardener’s Days – An International Exhibition in Gołuchów.

Anna Wize, an editor in chief of Pod Osłonami, talked about every day editorial department work, contacts with greenhouses, companies and preparing relations from industry meetings and events.

Dr hab. Anny Janeczko, dr Monika Kula and prof. dr hab. Franciszek Dubert from Institute of Plant Physiology Polish Academy of Science in Cracow gave a speech regarding crucial role of lighting in plants development, especially those cultivated under the cover.

Dr hab. Jadwiga Treder from Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice focused her presentation on the use of LED lighting in rooting and growth of flowerbed plants. In the second part she also underlined important issues when dealing with using horticulture LED lamps on tomato, cucumber and paprika seedlings.

Dr engineer Krzysztof Tomczuk from Electrotechnical Institute in Warsaw showed other view on light – he spoke about supplying and controlling different light sources. He pointed what it always important when considering using artificial light sources – how much it will costs?

Tomasz Bartczak from Department of Electrical Connections of Energa Operator SA spoke about regulations, terms and conditions of connecting greenhouses to mid-power electricity grid.

Regional manager of Gremon Systems in Poland in his lecture covered the importance of proper irrigation of plants in greenhouses where LED lamps are installed. He also presented case studies of greenhouses cultivating tomatoes and cucumbers in Finland.

Jakub Lachowski and Wojciech Baryła from Plantalux talked about importance of proper light spectrum in photosynthesis. In their presentation they enclosed also research data over tomatoes and cucumbers. The research has been conducted at University of Life Science in Lublin. What is more, they provided data from commercial vegetables production in greenhouse in Poland where Plantalux’s horticulture LED lamps were installed.